Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

Acquisition of knowledge starts by increasing our capacity of perception of value.  

Then hidden opportunities become visible. 

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  • The MasterClasses topics have been selected considering our ecosystem demand and global pressing issues.
  • We would like to contribute with our ecosystem by sharing knowledge and applications of the Matrix-Q Methodology


  • Matrix-Q MasterClass offers you content delivered by qualified trainers, coaches, consultants and mentors, with years of experience in their field of work; and with proven capacity to apply the Matrix-Q Method for accelerated education.
  • Luis D. Maldonado Fonken, founder of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem & Matrix-Q Research Institute will carefully select and approve, train the new mentors, as well as prepare provide MasterClasses himself.
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  • The MasterClasses are provided online, via ZOOM, and scheduled according to convenient times, to match your time zone and our mentor’s availability.
  • MasterClasses are of a length of 36 min. 
  • Complementary, attendees may join a study circle where group coaching and individual mentorship online are provided to help you deep-in and apply the knowledge provided along the masterclass.
  • Meet-ups and think-tank sessions under the same topics are as well organized to boost creativity and innovation. At the think-tank sessions we suggest global-pressing issues to be solved.
  • As well e-learning, e-games, e-trainers and e-tests are provided for self-study


Circular Economy

For aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators and impact investors, we offer a complete training program online in 9+ Levels of Gamified and Pragmatic education. 

The training program is composed by gamified challenges and simulations, tasks and projects, the attendee must solve, in order to earn points, qualify to higher level of training, and demonstrate capacity to solve complexity by utilizing our methodology and knowledge, there for becoming eligible for a higher rank. 

The Matrix-Q Rank, indicates eligibility for entrepreneurial and impact investment projects developed at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, with focus o circular economy.

The Matrix-Q Accelerated Data-driven Lean Learning Methodology will help you think, feel and act with the knowledge acquired.

Our focus is thinking and behavior change, to enable adaptive capacity, circular innovation capacity, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship and social impact.