Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

“ Work with your limitations, thrive within your current frame of limits... “ - LDMF
Matrix-Q Coaching (remote)

A beautiful framework which involve self-awareness and use of emotions: I learned about the “ Compassionate curiosity framework” for inner and outer negotiation. Case race and inclusion by Kwame Christian
@ TEDx

Inspired by Nature (Nature Systems, Laws, Principles, Rhythms & Cycles)
Online (remote) & Outdoors with a Human Coach-Trainer
Tailor-made capacity building: Human competences Data-driven e-Tools & A.I.
Launched Today

Join us for a Forest-Bathing (SHINRIN-YOKU) workshop outdoors
At the forest of Rhenen, The Netherlands, every two weeks
Next : 17th April 11.00 AM
Included: Group coaching-training, learn-play, human-connection, meet-new people, Learn directly from nature

A wonderful circular initiative in japan:

We have launched Matrix-Q Life-Span. Life-Span, Regeneration, Vitalization, Aging-Prevention. Optimize the management of your Quality-of-Life with the Matrix-Q Method

Matrix-Q Time (Remote Training Program)
Achieve more, impact more, communicate more, learn more in less time
Success, Work-Life Balance & Happiness at Work with Matrix-Q Time
Learn as you go, you choose when, 9 min training-coaching sessions

We have launched today the Matrix-Q Licenses program for the new economy
Matrix-Q Circularity Licenses in 27+ Modules
Starts 4 times/year
Trainer, Coach, Innovators, Designer, Change Management, Data Analyst & Entrepreneur (Start-up ready) Licenses

Matrix-q Primordial Yoga: Meditative Bow Practice. Light Bow 1,0 Kg, 18 min practice, 9 rounds, 12/54 arrows hit target of 5x5 cm at 15 mts distance. Primordial Bow Kata of the 369 rings Next seminar starts 21st June 2021, register before June 18th

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