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Matrix-Q Time - Training Programs
Online, Outdoors.
Enhance the management of your time resources, from time eaters to natural cycles, emotional intelligence, leadership, creativity, and work-life balance.
Fractal Time & Emotional Intelligence

Are you prepared for climate change? CONNECTING THE DOTS, Thinking through climate change together, Mondays and Wednesdays Online at 11.00 CEST with the Matrix-Q Climate School Online & Outdoors, The Netherlands

Conscious breathing since birth!
You are welcome!
We celebrate together the Birthday of our Founder with a Breathe & Birth Party Online the 9th Sept. 2021 at 16:20 CEST
The ZOOM URL and the event's program:
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The Matrix-Q Wallet (Smart App) GOES-LIVE Summer 2021:Matrix-Q Tokens, Credits, Trees, & Webshop features, combined with the Matrix-Q Quantum Economy System assisted by A.I. for a holistic administration of value. To be deployed also as SAAS. Demo session:

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Matrix-Q Multi-Business Franchise


> Coaching-Training

> Climate Consultant

> Circular designer

> Sexuality Education

> Languages Trainer

> Holistic Lifestyle

> StoryTeller

> Performing Arts

> Coder

> Project Management Assistant


Go get lots of hugs and if you don't get people that want to hug you get a tree ...

How to shift from symptomatic and linear solution making to preventive and holistic regenerative living? Matrix-Q Podcast about PREVENTIVE MindSet

FREE Webinar 29th July 2021 16.00 - 18.20 CEST
"9 Essential skills to be successful in times of climate change". RSVP for a FREE PDF for DOWNLOAD + 1 Responsive Capacity Skills Scan - 1x40 Min Holistic Coaching Session GIFT CERTIFICATE

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